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Combo Innovation is a London-based blockchain technology start-up specialising in solutions for Islamic financial and insurance institutions.

A new digital revolution is upon us, underpinned by the decentralised and highly-encrypted network of blockchain. Initially associated with cryptocurrencies, businesses in all industry sectors are waking up to the vast possibilities of blockchain, which operates smarter, faster and more securely in the way it processes data.


One of the sectors set to benefit most from blockchain is Islamic finance. Sharia law dictates very specific rules for the handling of finance and assets. It forbids riba – interest – and anything that involves gharar - uncertainty, deception, and risk.

These rules aim to prevent harmful financial products, while ensuring a fairer, more responsible and inclusive approach to finance. A just financial system not only creates a more stable investment environment, but also accelerates economic development for the poorest.

More efficient transactions will fuel cross-border growth for Islamic finance institutions and allow them to compete more effectively with their Western counterparts.


Our team of experienced blockchain architects have honed their skills developing pioneering solutions for Tier 1 global banks.

We are located in the financial headquarters of the world, the City of London, and alongside Britain’s very own Silicon Valley in Shoreditch, which provides a hot bed of IT talent. The British capital is also a long-established centre for Islamic banking, offering more Sharia-compliant banks and services than any other Western state.


To integrate Islamic-compliant financial instruments with cutting-edge blockchain technology that assists in ushering in a new era of Islamic finance.


The early adopters of blockchain will have a real advantage in the marketplace, freeing time, money and resources through faster and more efficient exchange of data and digital assets.

To unlock the potential of this revolutionary technology requires a complete rethink about the digital processes of your business or industry sector.

Unlike conventional software solutions, blockchain initiatives cannot be absorbed into an existing centralised infrastructure. A paradigm shift is needed in the way data is stored, protected, and transferred.

Combo Innovation’s team of developers and engineers are the optimum blockchain partner for Islamic financial institutions. We combine an intimate understanding of banking processes and regulatory framework, with Sharia-compliant financial products and cutting edge blockchain technology.

Our scalable and sustainable solutions draw on the latest blockchain innovations in areas such as cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, identity management, fraud detection, and smart contracts.

We build customised transactional ledgers that support accelerated funds transfers, digital identity assurance, and secure document exchange. Each aspect is both functional and user-friendly.

Research & Development

Our research and development within this space can assist in improving efficiency encompassing all aspects of business within Islamic governmental and financial institutions by developing, designing & testing blockchain business models by building proof of concept applications

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Bespoke Projects

Our development and delivery team are ready to build your production blockchain projects. Whether it is an existing product or a new concept we can provide a flawless rollout into production for your use case

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Blockchain Strategy

We are active in the vibrant London Blockchain community which gives us unique insight in the most promising developments in this young but revolutionary technology. Our understand of the technical and regulatory challenges of international markets allow us to focus on participation in projects that deliver solutions for the global community




Every year, all but the poorest Muslims are obliged to give away 2.5% of their wealth to charity during Ramadan. This is known as Zakat. Muslims may also make voluntary donations of any amount at any time of the year, which are called Sadaqah.

In 2017, our research showed that no Islamic charities in Britain were accepting donations in crypto-currencies. We estimated that if Muslims, who make up a quarter of the world’s population, hold just 1% of all Bitcoins (valued at £1 billion) then £26 million in Zakat contributions is due.

We approached British Islamic charities sharing our findings and suggested they start accepting crypto-currency donations. The UK Turkish Islamic Trust in East London, which administers Masjid Ramadan, agreed to take part in our pioneering project that ran during Ramadan, 17 May to 14 June 2018.


  • Create a new revenue stream for the charity.
  • Meet the £10,000 target in crypto-currency donations during Ramadan;
  • Raise awareness about the untapped potential of Zakat and Sadaqah in crypto-currencies; and
  • Inform the debate about whether crypto-currencies are ‘halal’ or ‘haram’


The project was a resounding success, meeting all of its aims.

£14,000 of the £17,500 Zakat donations Masjid Ramadan received during the holy month of Ramadan came from Bitcoin and Ethereum donations. The mosque not only exceeded its Zakat target, it raised four times more in crypto-currency than in cash!

The Zakat campaign generated over 1,000 pieces of media coverage worldwide, including Reuters, Associated Press, Al Jazeera, Alhurra TV, BBC Indonesia, the Telegraph, i News,, and 5 Pillars.



We see micro financing as way to reach out to some of the worlds poorest communities for whom a small injection of funding would make a huge difference However, as over 2.5 billion of the global population are unbanked those who truly require just a small loan to regain their dignity and provide for their family have been unable to access any sources of finance.

Our team have been developing a concept for a very exciting Hybrid-Blockchain enabled model which potentially could redistribute wealth within the Islamic global community

We are reaching out to Islamic governments and funds to contact us to build synergy in this space

We are also actively seeking partnerships with Islamic governments and financial institutions for utilisation of blockchain technology, starting with proof of concepts showing potential of blockchain-enabled solutions, incorporating use-cases into the proof of concept and eventually implementing solutions fully integrated with institutional infrastructure

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gurmit singh

Gurmit Singh has spent much of his professional life since 1987 operating in sales and marketing. He loves nothing better than taking an idea from inception and developing the appropriate strategies to take it to market.

He first became involved in the blockchain space in February 2015 initially as an enthusiast, then as an investor. Seeing its huge potential, in 2017 he decided to form Combo Innovation, offering Islamic-compliant financial solutions powered by blockchain-enabled information systems.

Gurmit’s career began at a young age working for the family business in London selling industrial garment machinery to Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia. This early exposure to the international world of business gave him insights on how global economies rely on each other.

At the turn of the new millennium, he opted for a career change entering into real estate. Within two years, he had his own company and a team of six marketing property in the UK and abroad to domestic buyers and overseas investors from the Far East.

After the recession of 2008, he took time out before moving into the technology sector. He worked briefly in the City for a financial consultancy, which first sparked his passion for fintech.

Questioning the direction of Western finance in the wake of the banking collapse, Gurmit became interested in Islamic finance and later crypto-currency. He is convinced their core principles will be vital as the world transitions into a new era of ‘caring economics’.

Lukasz Musial – Blockchain Advisor

gurmit singh

Lukasz Musial heads up Combo Innovation’s technical team, overseeing pioneering blockchain solutions for our clients.

His proficiency as a software architect and technology lead has been honed over years of working for tier one banks.

Grasping the revolutionary potential of blockchain technology and its application to real world needs, Lukasz has already developed projects that have been recognised for their effectiveness. These include the Most Sophisticated Insurance Award at Blockchain Hackathon 2017 in London, and as a Top 10 Finalist in a Blockchain Competition in Zug, Switzerland, Nov. 2017.

Paul Hunkin – Software Developer, Technical Lead

Paul Hunkin is responsible for guiding the team through technical challenges and overall technical design.

He is an experienced technical lead with expertise across the IT industry. A seasoned professional whose skills include full stack development in numerous technology stacks, devOps, systems analysis, testing, deployment and scalability.

Tim Walker – Senior Software Developer

An innovative critical thinker, Tim enjoys navigating complex logic problems to create robust, well-thought-out software solutions. His skills include full stack development in various technology stacks, systems analysis and testing.

Jake Mackerracher – Software Developer

Jake Mackerracher is an experienced full stack developer with a penchant for front-end and user experience design. He is responsible for creating ‘frictionless’ customer experiences and bringing our platforms to life. Jake’s skills include full stack development in numerous technology stacks, including front end frameworks, prototyping, graphics, photo editing and front end development.

Rana Ramnik Singh – Team Lead

Rana Ramnik Singh is responsible for developing and implementing IT solutions in line with our clients’ strategic business plans. He manages internal resources, both off-site and on-site teams and 3rd party suppliers, and takes accountability for the delivery of IT solutions to the business. Coming from a background in software and system development, Rana is very much a ‘technical professional’ in this regard and is heavily involved in our ongoing R&D activity.

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